FALL 2017

Vintouir is back like we never left with our Fall 2017 collection. Our Fall 2017 collection emphasises the same disturbance we always create when we make our way to the scene, yet still overwhelms you with our new framework of regalia.

Vintouir introduces our highly anticipated mummy jeans that features horizontally striped bands across the whole trousers. Our shadow jeans are another pair of jeans that make an official debut with our Fall 2017 collection; both of these jeans give a different glimpse of our traditional Vintouir collections, presenting our market with a new subtle look that still delivers attitude. Our brand new denim jackets is one of our newest focal points in this collection. Vintouir has proven that we can consistently make full body apparel, with combination of ingenuity and quality, we are honorably paralleled to none.

Our staff is notorious for always being ambitious to improve, and relentlessly executing. Vintouir has reinforced the quality of our fabric during the Fall 2017 Collection. Vintouir achieves this by steadily increasing the weight of all of our denim. As seasons adjust and storms develop, our denim will not subside. However, we withhold sacrificing our comfort and amenity by providing a stretch in our denim.  As a brand, we will continue to consciously adapt to provide quality and genuity to our denim.

Vintouir International is a fashionable forward denim brand that also masters simplicity. This, along with our combination of quality and comfort is what makes Vintouir subpar to none. We continue to seek greatness just as we continue to change it’s standard.









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