Fall Winter 2016

Vintouir, having been established in 2013, has already inspired many, yet crafted by the few. Vintouir is a brand of high quality denim that has been adapted to urban culture. Vintouir will prove to be a provoking voice in the urban street wear community while still innovating and developing upscale garments and denim inventions. Accessories such as slight rips, excessive zippers, and vivid patterns have eloquently flowed into a theme of the Vintouir brand. Vintouir’s jeans also comes in various fits, such as skinny, biker, and slightly baggy; and also expands from just using denim, to also using leather, giving the consumer multiple looks and trends to don.


In the past Vintouir has worked with the rap group Migos  for a Vintouir collaboration. Young Thug and Silento has also been spotted wearing Vintouir denim on multiple occasions. Young Thug has also presented the brand is multiple music videos. Quavo once wore a pair of black Vintouir denim in Thug’s “F Cancer” music video on February, 7, 2016, and Thug himself wore a pair of Vintouir denim in his “Texas Love” on April, 29, 2016 music video.




In the future, expect Vintouir to continue to deliver zippers, rips, and vibrant colors, but also expect Vintouir to expand into other fashion trends, such as upscale alterations, button and zippered tops, gold plated accessories, along with overall more flashy denim.

Vintouir is also more than a way of fashion, but a way of convenience through swathed mechanisms. In the near future, accessories will have a purpose further than to simply make a fashion statement. For example, hooks will be implemented in certain styles of jeans to apply suspenders too. This among other things is what makes Vintouir unique. Vintouir aims to push boundaries, to abandon conformity, and to walk it’s own path. Vintouir will make you rethink how you define “Couture”. Founded and based in Florida,  Vintouir is now available in retailers across America. 



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