Aftermath 2017


            Vintouir A/W 17' Aftermath' collection is set to drop this Friday. Vintouir will introduce the first head to toe collection. Instead of focusing primarily on denim, we chose to focus on more aspects of your apparel. Vintouir’s plaid flannels will be the first piece of garment to make notice, made from cotton, bleached with lettering stencil Vintouir logo and bottom ‘dipped’ in bleach. This new look was adopted by the Vintouir brand to portray the ‘aftermath’ of our first collection, along with our continued tattered denim and infamous “Daisy Jeans”.


            Also, after high demand, we now produce Vintouir T-shirt’s that can look admirable with our flannels polished over it. They come in black or white to match anything, and make a subtle statement. Although these t-shirts are plain, they are the identity of the brand. They are simple, yet bold and attention-seeking, which is Vintouir’s integrity.


This look book was directly inspired by the aftermath destruction from Hurricane Mathew. Before the attack Floridians either ignored the preparation predicting that this was simply a routine storm, or they overly prepared, expecting the worst, while both sides criticized each other for being too  lackadaisical or too careless. Unfortunately, the bickering could not stop the approaching storm. The social media frenzy allowed neighboring states to become the audience, grabbing national attention to the east coast. However, despite all of this attention, Hurricane Mathew and it's ravaging devastation was somehow forgotten, as if we cannot recall that this tragedy happened in our backyards. During our photoshoots, we went straight to the areas most effected and yet, still are damaged. This devastation is the exact inspiration for this collection, producing “Aftermath” as the title. You will soon see ramification that will occur after this collection is released.

Vintouir will soon make the same effect Hurricane Mathew did, except, we refuse to be forgotten.


Our authentic Vintouir denim is the only continuity in this collection from the last. We continue to add various zippers, slits,and patterns to ensure your own personal originality on our high quality denim. Although we now produce all pieces to the outfit, denim is our specialty, and will surpass any other brands of denim. Vintouir will continue working to deliver high quality denim, and plans to deliver multiple collections this year. Look out for the Vintouir Spring 17, coming very soon.






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